Thursday, March 18, 2010

A To-Do List

I sat down this morning feeling rather listless and wondering what I needed to do to get the zing back into my life. The chat with Vijaya in the morning helped me to focus on doing my workshop sometime soon for family and friends. Though Ranjani has been after me for doing the workshop I have been rather shy at promoting it among friends and family but I think I will now do it. Sooner than later.
Sometime in the evening I sat down with Shobha and we made a to-do list for ourselves. Mine included the following:

1) Writing at least 10 books in the next five years and get them published (The Misfit, The Gulmohur Stories, A new comedy, Recognising Excellence Within, The Men Within - College Challenges, Cricket short stories based on club cricket - 12 stories, A cricket novel on the trials and tribulations of being a test cricketer, a t20 novel, a cricket story based on the Replacements and one like Kane and Abel).

2) To write at least a dozen screenplays in the next 5 years (got a couple of ideas in place).

3) The third is to travel up North, see the Taj, the Himalayas, Golden Temple, Rajasthan and down South to Kanyakumari, Coorg etc.

4) I put workshops on my list - at least 24 a year (corporate, college, sports academies and school), and

5) Lectures averaging 36 a year at least in colleges and schools.

6) I also plan to build a steady revenue stream, and an organization that will support me in keeping this activity running smoothly.

7) On fitness I propose to lose weight until I am sub 90 - 85 kgs ideally by June 2010 (I weighed 105 kgs at the doctor's the other day).

8) I am hoping to get back to playing league cricket next year and need to identify a suitable team for that.

9) On fun, I propose to watch more movies, read quality books, have quality experiences and meet quality people.

10) I promise to give myself a bit more time with myself, Anjali and Shobha.

To begin with then, I shall first announce my workshop 'Recognising Excellence Within' for a group of about 10-12 people over the weekend.

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