Thursday, April 29, 2010

'YES' Factor - Great Net Session

It has been a long time since I found this kind of a rhythm in the nets. These days I struggle to reach the bowling crease - there are so many aches and pains and then I struggle to release the ball. The first few balls are still dodgy and I am sure I look like a complete beginner in those times, but then, I noticed, I have been getting better in the past few days. The pains and aches are lesser since the time I have been off medication, and I am taking less time to get warmed up.
And I was getting the one odd ball to beat the bat.

But today was a different ball game. After the first six deliveries which just about reached the bat, I found a nice rhythm that made the ball move both ways and hit the bat hard. I dismissed all the batsmen I bowled to, one way or another, two of them bowed for pace, another good solid batsman caught behind twice. I got the yorker going well, the slower ball, the outcutter and considerable movement off the wicket. When I logged off after half an hour, drenched in sweat, I was totally satisfied. Coach nodded in genuine appreciation, and I went 'YES'!

There's something about being in rhythm that makes you want to sing out loud. Makes me wonder, how does one get into that rhythm often? Can it happen by design or it it always that little space we cannot access consciously? I will find out more. It's too good a feeling to let go without exploring more.

Another YES factor
Ranjani called yesterday to say she was headed off to the US for a vacation with her daughter. And, she said, she was carrying a couple of copies of 'The Men Within' as a gift to two of her friends - an Australian and a Trinidadian. Now that certainly is a huge YES factor when someone, especially someone with Ranjani's sensibilities and exposure, thinks that your book is worth gifting. It is the biggest endorsement that a book can get.
I am quite curious now to hear the reactions of these two gentlemen as and when they read it!

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Sai Kiran(Bobby) said...

sir, your yorker ball always goes beautifl..!Do you remember, we used to choke out in the nets where I used to bat and you bowling. I rem you giving the intimations of the runs to be scored in 1 0r 2 balls. lol.. I always failed in those tasks because of your HARD DEFENSIVE balls.