Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Rajasthan Diaries - Day 4, Parikrama Around Pushkar Lake at Sunrise

 We were up at 6 to do the parikrama of the lake and catch the sunrise. The morning light was bright enough as we headed down to the Brahma ghat next door. Luckily the sun was some time away from making an appearance behind the hills. A couple of people recognised us and suggested we do the parikrama which we said we would. We left our footwear on the Brahma ghat and started the parikrama.

Waiting for sunrise

People starting their rituals, bathing

Abhinay and Vasu set for the parikrama

The ghats are all connected and except for one place where we had to jump (Vasu and Abhinay jumped and I took the safer route by walking out to the main road and entering the next gate). People were out there, families mainly, and taking dips in the cold water. With so many women bathing we had to constantly avert our eyes because they would be changing clothes on the ghats itself.

A view of the lake and the sun

Caption by the school 

Vasu and Abhinay waiting for me (the one I did not jump - no wonder they're laughing)

At one point we stopped and sat and waited for the sun to rise. nd then we continued our walk. Past the family type ghats, past the Pushkar Mahal or some elite hotel which had its own elite customers bathing. We saw many messages written by the diya lighting children of yesterday one of which said - Save the girl child, save our future. I later realised it was by this school started by an Italian lady for girls. I have a clipping somewhere and if I find it I will share it.

Waiting for sunrise

The ghats


And finally - the sun rise!

Onwards past other ghats, to the Sunset point ghat where we had been last evening. Young and old were praying and doing the rituals they were used to. Over to the other side which is a dirty side, the sadhus and yogis with their chillams and their little tents. Past women who were trying to sell grass to feed the cows. Past the ghats on the south side where old buildings were and finally back to the Brahma ghat.

One of the ghats

Cows - people feed them

Interesting entrance


Abhinay and Vasu



Abhinay wandering on the ghat 

Rangoli from yesterday

Diyas of yesterday

Heading back to Brahma ghat

It took us about 30-45 minutes mainly because we stopped here and there and did it leisurely. Was great fun. We took our chappals and headed out.


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