Sunday, November 6, 2022

The Rajasthan Diaries - Day 2, Zip Line, Mehrangarh Fort

 Now Vasu and Abhinay had decided they would do the zip line, in fact there are 6 zip lines and you do the entire circuit that way. 

All zipped up
Practice line

I decided not to and wondered if I should take the  steps route back or stay back and take videos of the guys. After a while I decided to stay back and took videos of the guys zip lining from the fort across the lake and coming back. It took an hour or so entirely form the time we did the booking, the small training set up, the two instructors who came along - Chaman and Ali. They took off and left me at a nice place where I could see most of what was happening. 

Line 2 across, then line 3, and so on

View of the city from this part of the fort

Blue houses

Successful completion - well done! 

From there I could see the blue houses of Jodhpur. Much controversy about the houses -some claiming they are Brahmin houses and others claiming they are for some environmental reason. Anyway its a sight to see. Vasu and Abhinay landed up after an hour and we had by then summoned Ram Singh to pick us up.

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