Sunday, November 13, 2022

Monica, Oh My Darling - Movie

 2022. Hindi. For a twist a minute in the beginning 'MOMD' is hard to beat. But then it slowly falls apart because you cannot sustain it. And in the end it looks like - hey why did that one die, and what was this one doing really, what was this guy's motive and why was she sleeping with everyone and how come no one knows about it and stuff like that. Rajkummar Rao (interesting change to his name) as the IIT topper in robotics from Angola (?), and Huma Qureshi as the super sexy HR Head of the company, Radhika Apte as zany Inspector Naidu, are good but then Sikander Kher and Perumal hold their own. Again, leave logic behind and go with the twists. It's like a roller coaster - you enjoy the ride and don't ask why they are rolling and coasting. Watch.


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