Saturday, November 5, 2022

Kantara - Movie

 Kantara has this now controversial theme music which is accused of plagiarism that Sagar first played and I was hooked on to it. And then it looked like an interesting film to watch in the theatre so we went to watch. And so it was.

Kantara means mythical forest apparently. Anyway Rishab Shetty - director and actor - quickly takes us down the story. A king who has no peace is sent to search for something that gives him peace and he finds an idol that does it. But the idol belongs to a tribe and they trade the idol for land - all that's nothing - its the priest of the tribe that steals the show with his loud yells and his manner. Brilliant stuff. The land is under dispute in later years as the king's succeeding generations start claiming it back from the tribe but with bad consequences. Even the tribe suffers some consequences as a priest dies. Our hero is the son of that priest.

In current day we have this hero, a kambala champion (the bull races of Karnataka), who is advised by his mother not to take up the priesthood that claimed his father, a landlord who employs the hero, a forest officer who wants to preserve the forest at any cost. A few twists and we finally address all the ghosts. 

The ways of the tribe, the showing of that world make it really interesting. I loved that kollam, the bhoota kola of the Tulu Nadu and the authentic manner the priest gets when the spirit gets into him and yells loudly. When they say we go to the movies to watch a different world, this is it. Overall, good fun. 

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