Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Mystic Wisdom of Kabir - Swami Brahmeshananda

 We've all read Kabir ke dohe in school and most of us remember them even now which speaks volumes of the stuff the mystic poet wrote. The simplicity, the presentation, the metaphor, the idea all beautifully conveyed in two lines. Kabir (1455-1518) was a religious reformer, a champion for Hindi-Muslim unity. He was an abandoned child, raised by a weaver family in Varanasi though he finally moved to Gorakhpur, where he died. Some of his abiding philosophies have been that man needs to find his real nature, awakening of one's consciousness through the sound. He also denounced recitation of vedas and rituals, plumping for real devotion and love instead. His principles were based on truth, non-injury, simple living, continence and sense control.

Kabir's works are written as Sakhis, Shabad and Ramaini. Sakhis are the couplets we have all read and they are divided into various categories such as Sakhis on Guru (surrender to the Guru he says), Holymen and holy company (will lift you, give you happiness), Devotion and remembrance, Love (no rules, surrender), Separation, God (is within), Non-violence ( a true hero is one who controls senses), Right speech, Truth, Mind, Maya, Women, Suffering. 

Who can forget these

Sadhu aise chahiye, jaise soop subhay

Saar saar ko gati rahe, thotha dhed bahaay

Kasturi nabhi base, mrig dhoondhe ban mahi

Aise ghat mein peev hai, duniya jaane nahin

Kaal karein so aaj kar, sabhi saaj tav haath

Kaal kaal tu kya karein, kaal kaal ke haath

Wonderful to read this small and simple book.  Thanks for the book SM.

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