Sunday, November 13, 2022

Meeting Anil Prabhala

 Anil was in town and as always gave me a call. We worked in the IDBI where we had a good time together playing TT, talking about all sorts of things with our friends Smitha, Ratna Kumar and Ramana, eating biryani at Mohini which he loves. He is a good cricketer and played for our club the MCC in a year that we won. And after he left for the US he always stays in touch when he comes to town and we definitely catch up over a biryani.

Me, Akela and Anil (he does not drink tea)

This time it was a double treat. We ate our biryani (from Mohini - he got it) over the India - England semis and that was fun. He is here for their BITS Pilani alumni get together. 

Bad pic - MCC Winners of the League 1998-99 (Anil third from left last row, me with beard sitting in the middle next to the one and only ML Jaisimha)

Hoping to catch you soon again Anil and hopefully spend some more time. 

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