Sunday, November 13, 2022

Bullet Train - Movie

 2022. English. A young kid is pushed off a building to get his father to kill his boss, a dreaded gangster. An operative is on the train to retrieve a suitcase. Two assassins are on board to deliver the said suitcase and a young boy to the next station. Another lady assassin is onboard as well. Seems simple right. But no. The Bullet Train runs for 2 hours. The assassins lave the bag in the baggage place so it can be taken by the handler, the boy is left alone so he is killed by snake venom. The lady assassin turns out to be a disgruntled daughter and well, pretty much everyone dies. Brad Pitt as the operative who has just come back after seeing a therapist spouts brilliant lines - hurt people hurt people - being one. Anyway I figured one thing -you cannot be mad at a smiling assassin for long.


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