Monday, November 21, 2022

Canteen Fundas on You Tube - People Management and the 3 As

 So my partner in this venture is Sagar - and he and I finally shot a few videos and added to the 12 that we had shot earlier. The topics included 

1. How to move forward by using our strengths

2. How to convert weaknesses into strengths

3. Leadership Basics - Why, How, What and Who

4. Time Management - Do First Things First

5. Building Habits - Atomic Habits

6. Double Your Enthusiasm, Double Your Income and Happiness

7. Stress Management - Focus on What You Can Control

8. Why 100% Responsibility Gives 100% Freedom

9. People Management - Practicing the 3 As  

I'll add one video a day.

Today's video is on People Skills - 3 As.


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