Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Story Idea - The Inanimate World

Hook: Man gets depressed with lack of relationships in his life (thanks to social media and other distractions!) and takes to forming relationships with inanimate objects around him.

Story; Man finds human relationships more and more shallow and withdraws to a point where he is all alone. At a point when all seems hopeless he finds inspiration in some quote, or song, or book and seeks to find something to be grateful for. He looks around and finds that the only ones that are giving him unconditional love are the inanimate objects around him. He starts appreciating them for their love. He has names for them, starts treating them like old friends. Maybe we can have them talk to him as well.

Relationships develop. The home improves. Furniture and gadgets get better with repair and from being cleaned regularly. The atmosphere improves. While getting the furniture repaired he meets a fine young girl who shares his love for small things. His life gets better. He finds love.

Life's good again.

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