Thursday, October 15, 2015

Chupke Chupke - Movie Review

I never cease to be amazed at the timelessness and ingenuity of some movies. For the nth time I laughed loudly at Parimal Tripathi and his antics, Sukumar Sinha and his nervous dilemmas and the sheer mischief that remains the common thread binding all the characters in the movie. From the hefty biology teacher (who gifts a monkey cap to Parimal Tripathi on his wedding) to the watchman who has no qualms in proposing marriage between P and S, to David, the thief who blackmails the owner, James and his 'diffrential mein lafda hain' and his midnight poetry of ek gulab, its heavenly stuff. I wonder how the director chose to pick only the mischievous chord in every character including the two ladies Mrs. Jijaji and Mrs. P.K. Shrivastav (the first one who comments on the dissimilarity between their drivers James and Pyare and the second one who points out to Vasudha that she is an 'ass' and not just an 'S').

I also wondered at the ages of the older brother of Sulekha (Sharmila Tagore) played by David who always looked like he was 80 and even the age of Jijaji Omprakash (who also looks 70 forever) who has a college going daughter and then - a five year old child. That five year old was interesting. Why? But somehow it all seems perfect despite these odd ages. How did they conceive characters like that? Funnily the older daughter of Omprakash never makes an appearance in the movie and is only referred to.

I viewed the residence of Asrani and his large office, the home of Sukumar Sinha and the old world comforts of those days and wondered if I had been lulled into thinking that as life goes on people somehow are entitled to get all these things in the normal course. The 'movie' or 'advertisement syndrome' I guess - where you believe that you are entitled to have a life like the ones on screen by just brushing with that toothpaste, or being somewhat similar to them in thought and deed.

Nice songs too. And they look so good - D, S and A.

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