Sunday, October 4, 2015

Of Rules and Regulations - Principle and Process Again

This is a small park near my place where many of us go for a morning stroll. It's pretty small - a full circle of the park at a brisk pace gets done in 5-6 minutes. But there are many rules and regulations here for such a small park - do not run on grass, do not play here, do not bring balls and bats, do not bring small bikes and pets, do not tie a string, do not do this and that etc. It had an entry ticket for a long time which was finally removed for all those who enter before 8 am. Rules kept changing. Yesterday we got this.

Now, cameras and video tapes are not allowed. I cannot believe these guys. What is there to shoot in this park? They could have gone a step further and stopped all ancient methods of capturing the secrets this park has to offer. When every single fellow who enters the park comes with a cellphone with an inbuilt camera what's the point in putting up boards like these?

But this is how systems work here. Let me try and guess the principle here - I give up - I don't know really. If some place does not want cameras and video tapes inside it is either concerning national security, is of heritage, cultural or religious value (which makes sense). But in a park like this which has no security threats (save some walkers), nothing to hurt any sentiments of, I cannot get the principle. The process - being duly followed, without the principle in place. Of course the rule board does not say why one should not carry cameras and video tapes and what the punishment for such transgressions are. Nothing - just one 'not allowed'. Of course they are clubbed with plastic and polythene bags (why have they differentiated between these two?) which are universally seen as dangerous items, but well, are universally used anyway. So we can add the cameras and video tapes to these dangerous items as well.

So we move on with our world - full of rules and regulations without knowing why and what. Merely that they are there. Yessir. No cameras. Let us click away and video tape away on our cell phones to our heart's content.

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