Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bad Words - Movie Review

There's this 40 year old loser (single) who finds a loophole in the Spelling Bee competition. It is that the entrants must not have passed eighth grade (he has not) and enters the competition with sub-eighth graders. Since it is a loophole and he has a case, he is allowed to participate.

Surprisingly he does well. He is hated by everyone, specially the organisers and the parents of the kids (and the audience too). To his credit he tops all rounds. He is nasty to everyone, mouths only bad words and has a relationship with another equally neurotic journalist who travels with him looking for a story. On the nasty journey he meets cute ten year old Indian hopeful (chaiwala, chicken tandoori, shawarma, curryhole etc) Chaitanya Chopra. The two competitors become friends and rub off on one another. End story - this 40 year old becomes a nice guy (he has a grudge against the organiser of the spelling bee who is his illegitimate father - are the fathers illegitimate or only the kids - who deserted his mother). I'd presume the young kid would certainly have learned some from the older chap.

Why is he so nasty to everyone? Also are there other ways to embarrass the father other than becoming this brilliant guy with spellings - I am sure there are. But then the father is made by the bee so I guess I will let that go. The 40 year old is dark as hell, not likeable at all if you're even slightly conventional (gets the Chopra kid booze under the table, briefly hires a prostitute to get the young man's misconceptions about certain female parts right and so on - get the gist? still like him?) Anyway, not for the faint hearted especially if you think children have to be brought up in a certain way. 

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