Friday, October 23, 2015

Shaandar - Movie Review

It's different. In many ways.

A marriage between two rich families. So rich that they hire a castle someplace magical. And gold plated limousines. And gold plated guns. Many goras serve them. An event manager who is an insomniac and an offensive one at that (and a smoker - what was that for?). A daughter who is an orphan and also deliriously illegitimate. A groom who does not want to marry his rather well built fiance. A bride-to-be who wants to marry for the sake of  her family. Two bankrupt families hoping to make money from the marriage. A frog named Ashok. A heroine who stores many pieces of useless information (bike models etc) and who goes swimming naked at midnight. A dream scene where she appears in a pink bikini. An old matriarch whose death has everyone laughing their guts out. For good measure her corpse is dressed up so the show can go on - and in true desi fashion, aslo set on fire. Errr...anything else. A breakfast plate which has a panty - from last night. A favorite number - 36 - why  favorite? Socho.

If you like different you can try this movie. It's an intelligent piece of work. I didn't understand it. However it made me laugh three times which is my standard for a funny movie. So though disjointed, inane and trashy I have to give it that. You might laugh three times too. Most times however the characters and the crew seem to be sharing a private joke which must have been fun for them (for example, see poster above)!


Rajendra said...

a Shaandaar joke on the audience?

Harimohan said...

Yes. The cast also gives cues for us to laugh by laughing at their own jokes - a laugh track with a difference.