Monday, October 12, 2015

Anjali - The Smiley!

'Add a smiley,' she says every time I am about to send a mail. I tell her that I cannot because its an official mail. She's disappointed - what's this official and personal thing she asks. She is peeved - ok don't put it. I try to tell her what official and personal mails are but it's not too convincing.
Shine a little less brightly my friends.
If a smiley can make things better why cannot you just use them everywhere, says her piqued face.

But you cannot smile everywhere can you? Nor can you laugh? Nor be yourself? Some places and people are such that you cannot be yourself, cannot be happy or smiley. You can only be less than yourself as if to make the other person or situation bigger by being that.

It's a mad world I live in. Hopefully Anjali will have no problems putting smileys wherever she wants in hers.

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