Monday, October 20, 2014

Whoa! What an employer!

If you were looking for a story that made you go Wow! here is one. Savjibhai Dholakhia, Chairman of Hari-Krishna Exports, a diamond merchant from Surat, decided to give his employees a nice Diwali gift.

So he gifted 491 brand new Fiat Puntos to those of his employees who did not have a car, gifted away 200 flats to employees who did not have a house and gifted gold and diamond jewellery to 525 employees. The budget he'd set aside for this gesture to his employees was Rs. 50 crore.

Nice to be working in Hari-Krishna Exports I'd think. The employees were apparently speechless and shell shocked and stuff like that when they heard this story.

Forget the employees, I was too. Nice story. You can always expect miracles.

And Savjibhai, brilliant stuff. Check this link out for the story and picture.

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