Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sean Stephenson - How To Create Powerful Connections With Anyone

This talk could change the way you connect with people. Really.

Sean Stephenson is not your average motivational speaker. He is a giant among this sect of high energy, highly motivated, intelligent people who can transform lives. At three feet tall, confined to a wheel chair, Sean was diagnosed early with a brittle bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta and was expected to die early. But Sean survived, began giving motivational speeches when he was 17, worked with President Bill Clinton, got a degree in political science, wrote two books thus far, became a certified therapist. Currently he works as a therapist, motivational speaker and writes books. And he is such a delight.

Check him out in this 45 minute long video - he is a captivating speaker so you won't feel the time. He is a powerful speaker, so good that I remember most stuff he said from one viewing.
This is the link.

For those who want a short cut, let me recap what he talks of in this video. One of the things Sean is big on is the difference between communication and connection. He believes communication is just transfer of data, there is no emotion, no feeling and no connection. The real difference in our lives comes when we make connections. Sean is a living example of how one can connect to people - absolute strangers to close friends and family. Watch the video and see how he has everyone eating out of his hand just by being himself, being authentic and being vulnerable. You know that he is a powerful man and it takes much wisdom and understanding to let go and be normal.

While talking of making connections, he gives the examples of three people he met in his life and who he thought were great at making connections. The first is Bill Clinton, then the Dalai Lama and then Richard Branson. Bill Clinton was so good at making connections with people because of four things - he'd remember every name and use it in a sentence back to you, he was a master at making eye contact and making the other person feel like he was the centre of the world, he would ask you your opinion and make you feel important and he would use the power of touch to acknowledge you as a person. All four - the names, eye contact, asking opinion and touch, make Bill Clinton so good with making connections.

The Dalai Lama is so wonderful because of the way he smiles - with his whole body. The second thing about him is the playfulness, one that comes out of deep wisdom. The third thing that the Dalai Lama does so well is to listen - with his whole body again.

Richard Branson, the third person on the list, is great at making genuine connections because of the way he uses his voice - voice modulation is an art he is great at, he asks questions of you and the third aspect is a humility that is disarming.

Sean feels that these people are what they are because they are not trying to prove. They are trying to improve. We can be that too if we stop trying to prove and look to improve.

Sean says that making a connection is about taking 50-50 responsibility. Its like a ping pong game where both have to play. Not one person. So you must be ready to share and you must request sharing too. Sean says nothing works like praise. And it does not harm your cause to be vulnerable.

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