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Team Building Through Cricket - Workshop for Jasper Industries Pvt Ltd

We conducted a team building through cricket workshop 'Winning By Design' at the ML Jaisimha Academy yesterday i.e. October 11, 2014. The one day workshop involves teams to fine tune all the factors of team building while playing short games of cricket in an indoor setting, so they win by design, and not by hope or luck. It involves strategy, team work, ownership, leadership and much more. The exercise was hugely satisfying for me, with a team of 22 really sharp managers and executives from sales, branch management, administration, HR from Jasper Industries. There was a tremendously high level of involvement, participation and commitment, not to forget the vital ingredient espirit de corps on display.
Group photo - All's well and that ends well

Two teams were formed randomly by drawing chits. Jasper Warriors consisted of Mohd. Pasha, Srujan, B. Ramakrishna, Raju, Bade Prasad, Sreenivasu Gaddam, Martin, Sishir, Satish, Rajendra and Santhanam.

Jasper XI consisted of Srikar, Ravindranath, Madhusudhan, Kishore, Ramprasad, Kranthi, Peter, Umamahesh, Anand, Venkatesh and Ramakrishna.
Intro session

Three games were played.

In the first game, Jasper XI batted first and scored 57. Jasper Warriors finished their innings with 52. A close game. The keys to the first game were to focus on team purpose, picking the right leaders, setting the framework right without any assumptions. If we can get everyone to look in the same direction by articulating our purpose and getting everyone to buy in, we could improve efficiencies by 15-20%.
Something about teams

In the slightly longer second game Jasper Warriors batted first and scored 64. Jasper XI wilted in their chase and scored 53, still a close game. This game was about playing like a team and not like a group of individuals. the team is greater and by playing for the team, that individuals benefit far more than by playing as individuals. Aspects like goal clarity, role clarity, target setting, process orientation, training inputs, tactics, planning to utilise resources effectively and communication were at play to get the team closer
Mr. Rao speaking 

The final was a two inning game. Jasper Warriors batted first and could put up only 9 in their first innings. Jasper XI did well to post 26 in their first. Jasper Warriors began well and scored 30 in their second outing. In a close finish Jasper XI held their nerve to score 25 and thereby win the final game. This game was about using all resources best to bring out the bets in the team. The team had to be like a FIST, with all members supporting one another and performing their given role fully and for the benefit of the team. Belief, trust, support, encouragement, empowering all players, giving space for individuals to grow, instilling pride, appreciating one another's efforts, were some of the concepts that were discussed and implemented.
At work - writing down their thoughts

The energy was high and so was the involvement. I really appreciated their commonness in purpose, camaraderie, commitment (many of them dived and ran in a manner that made my heart come up to my mouth) and mostly the enjoyment they derived from the exercise. Thank you Sumanth, Srikar, Kranthi for making this program happen. And a huge thank you for all participants for participating with such gusto and teaching me many more new facets of team building, followership and leadership.

Some of the feedback that caught my mind:
All attendees are concluding the session with high aspirations. 

Wonderful workshop on leadership, champion and team many things I learned form this workshop...enjoyed a lot. 

Excellent program which I have not experienced in my 16 years experience..will not hesitate to talk to each one for accomplishing goals. 

Learn many things as it is practical and not theoretical.

Learning along with fun. Thought provoking. Will start implementing.

So many new things like team work, spirit, dedication, sacrifice, amazing experience..will implement with my team members.

Don't feel shy or afraid to implement a winning strategy. Hold your team together, take them forward. Some may be weak, some may be strong. Everyone has their own contribution to the cause.

Would like to participate again.

Made us learn the concepts by ourselves.

The first interesting program I ever attended. I really enjoyed it.

Should be there every six months.

Process of the program is simple but superb. So good that all the colleagues were involved seriously 
in the game.

Quite a few takeaways...was easy to understand concepts of team building.

The connect of the team members is more due to the game.

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