Monday, October 20, 2014

Anjali - I Don't Mind Getting Out, I Just Want to Hit The Ball

We were playing cricket. Anjali was hitting the ball hard and high. Once in a while she was getting out too, caught or something.

'I don't mind getting out,' she told me solemnly. 'I like to hit the ball. So I will hit the ball even if I get out.'
Nice. Makes sense.

She went after the ball happily.

After a few hits, she stopped and asked me.
'I like to run. Can I run?' she asked.

'Of course you can run,' I said. 'Every time you hit the ball, you can run. Just don't get run out.'
She changed her batting style a bit, now that she had a new tool to add to her fun.

She started focusing on getting bat to ball and running. And pushing me to get her run out. Pretty good batsmanship.

Like to hit, so I will hit. Like to run, so I will run. Don't think about getting out.
Go for it. Go with the positive. Go with what empowers and energises you.
Don't hold yourself back with the negatives.

You'll score more than you would if you stopped yourself.
And mostly you'll have great fun. What's the point otherwise.

Thanks Anjali. Go girl.

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