Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thought for the Day - Energy Management, Relationship Management and The Flow

I once got this visual (and wrote about it too). It was of me not being a container with rigid boundaries. Rather I was like a loose collection of small molecule like particles which floated about formlessly. If you hit this loose formless thing, it adjusts itself like water. There is no hurt. It goes around it and reforms elsewhere. I thought it was a superb visual to carry in my mind when I was dealing with people. If I have no rigid form, I will be loose, open, willing, adaptable, receptive and all those wonderful things that we cannot be when we have a boundary, a role, an expectation.

Then the other day I read about this energy management somewhere and the visual became an even more empowering one. I was thinking of how we can see one another as energy bodies in any given point and then act. No role. No expectation. One energy body to another. Some are needy. Some give energy. Now the choice you have is how you can increase the energy in this interaction. Are you a taker or are you a giver? Can you sense the energy and play it like a conductor? Recede, expand, envelope, cower, slide back, overpower.

In a rigid form you are already limited. You cannot expand. You are limited by your expectations. But in an energy form you are flexible like water. You can grow small, can change shape, can work yourself around. You can increase your energy, you can choose to exit if there is too much negative energy. It suddenly makes it all so doable, so easy to adapt, to go with the flow, to roll with the punches. I love this visual.

In a team also you can feel the energy. You can see where it needs energy, how to raise the energy levels. You can manage the energy once you have this visual in your mind.

I got an even more empowering idea today. Fine, we can manage our energy with one other person and handle it. We can probably even manage it with a team. But since I have no boundaries, what if I expand my energy to cover a larger space? How about if I grow bigger and envelope a larger space with my loving, peaceful, joyous energy? My house, my colony, my city, my world - what if this energy can get bigger than this small thing I have limited it to? What if I have this energy going out as I sit here typing away?

Its very empowering. Its probably a great way to be in the flow. 

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