Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sean Stephenson - The Prison of Your Mind

A powerful 10 minute TED talk. Gets over in two, or so it seems. Watch it.

The highlights.
 1) Lesson no 1 - Never believe a prediction that does not empower you
I cannot tell you how powerful this statement is. How many labels, predictions have we endured and got scared about when people threw bad stuff our way. Sean speaks of how doctors predicted he would die in 24 hours after he was born - now he says all those doctors are dead. (Even more relevant is a story that I heard on a TED X talk of three sisters who died one day before their midwife predicted they would die - the first at 16, the second at 22, and the third at 23 - of no known reasons. They just believed that prediction.)
He has a powerful belief that everyone is rooting for him to win, even if they don't know it yet.
He has chosen a life of strength. He knows one thing - that is being himself - and he does it well.

2) Lesson 2 - You are not your condition
Get out of whatever condition by adapting. Being stuck is refusal to adapt. When you adapt, life is a celebration. Everyone wants to be with the people who celebrate.
He feels his purpose on this planet is to rid this world of insecurity.
The key - everyone just wants to be loved.

3) Lesson 3 - The real prison is up here - in your mind.
Get out of that limiting, chattering mind. Choose to adapt, to be strong, to be empowered.

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Anonymous said...

hi, thank you for sharing an inspirational story of a great man! i have watched this video many times, it was so touching and meaningful to me.
by the way, could you help me out with his conditions. I can not understand his jaw and teeth problems that he mentioned in the speech. (I'm not a native speaker and he spoke quite fast)