Friday, July 18, 2014

Thought for the Day - I'll be Nice to you, If you let me be

Why can't a person be nicer? Or better? Or more expressive? Or more fun? Or whatever?

I guess everyone can - if we let them.

If instead, we are focused on all that is not there, and on how things would be so much better if the person was like this or that, the possibility that the rest of the person will also disappear is likely.

For any coach or a people oriented person, it is important then to first focus on what is there and build on it gently. It is easy to see what is not there and try to mould the person into being something he or she is not. That is a sure way to disaster, especially with older people.

The way is to look at what is there, appreciate the good and let that grow. (Grow your strengths) As it grows make gentle suggestions and changes without pulling at the basic structure and making it all unstable.

The person will grow. He or she will be happier that he or she is doing the right thing and is on the right path.

On the other hand if we focus on what is not there, as most young coaches might be inclined to do, we have a possibility of totally losing that person.

"I'll be nice to you, if you let me be."

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