Sunday, July 13, 2014

Turbo - Movie Review

Watched this delightful animation movie of a snail who has a need for speed. Theo alias Turbo is constantly dreaming of racing, of high speeds and burning rubber. His hero is Guy (as with all things French, pronounced Gee) Gagne the Indy 500 champion and Turbo laps up all Guy has to say.

It so happens that despite all the warnings and nay-sayers, chief of them being his brother Chet, Theo puts his life in danger in the hope of beating the lawnmower to the Big Red tomato. Theo is almost killed, and is saved by Chet. The two are expelled. Something happens then with Theo being sucked into the turbo charged engine of a race car. Turbo behaves like a race car, moves faster than one. He saves his brother Chet from the crows and the brothers are discovered by Tito, one of the Dos Bros Tacos brothers who races snails.

The Taco brother Tito, entrepreneur par excellence in terms of crazy ideas and energy, finds an entry into Indy 500, investors and the unlikely contestant, Theo aka Turbo starts the race. Guy Gagne finds a worthy opponent and despite the fact that turbo loses a bit of steam, pops over the line and all ends well.


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