Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Anjali - On People, Prayer and God

Yesterday we were walking around in the colony when Anjali pointed out a tree on the path.
'I can't reach the flowers because they are so high up,' she said.

It was a Nandivardhanam tree, the flowers of which are used for prayer. I told her that people pluck the flowers in the morning and use the flowers for prayer. That is why there are no flowers.  The few that were there were out of sight.

She was amused.
'First they disappoint God by plucking flowers that God made. Then they use the same flowers to pray to God. What will God think?'

Yes. What will God think? Does anyone care about what God thinks?
Food for thought.
Thanks Anjali. 

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Rajendra said...

brilliant observation. She just might turn out to be a spiritual leader!