Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 Things that Government Chappies Can Do To Help

Here are 10 things that the government chappies can do (from what I have seen and heard). I am hoping that Vinod bhai will add some insights to this (and correct me where I am off target) and also add to the list to make life more interesting for us. Bear with me while I take a deep breath before I start.

1) Get rid of those towels from their offices and cars
Why do they have towels on every seat they sit on? On every head rest?

2) Get to work on time so everyone starts work on time
Why don't government offices ever start on time? Why do they start after 12? And end shortly after?

3) Start using government infrastructure so it is in place
Why don't government officers use government infrastructure like hospitals, transport and schools, so that all the money going into public spaces is ensured that it is used better? Can't forget the story of the Erode collector who joined his young daughter in a government school - complete with the midday meal. Or Governor Narasimhan who got operated in Gandhi hospital. Kudos.

4) Behave like common people and not like their bosses when they meet them
Why do government officials think they are somehow superior to people whom they serve? I have not seen or met a single government chap whom I visited as a customer smile or even treat me like a person. Its as if I was an intrusion in their work or worse, a criminal.

5) Not misuse government facilities, break rules
Why do they use their infrastructure for personal use? I see a traffic inspector who lives nearby who has the motorbike cops drop his son to school everyday. And they say they don't get enough petrol.

6) Work for the benefit of the least empowered and not the highest empowered
Why do they never have time for the poorest of the poor? Why do only the white khadi shirts, the  tie wallahs get instant entries and coffee and tea treatment in their offices while the rest wait outside for hours and days.

7) Do away with a culture of sycophancy and nepotism
Why do most fall over themselves to please their political bosses and get work done for them? Why do they have their own 'people' who listen to them?

8) Stop bribing their own finance departments to get their arrears
 Why do they bribe their own finance department clerks to get their arrears and other pay and service related work? How crazy is it to pay to get what is due to you? I know the most senior people are forced to do this. And I am not even talking of bribes that are paid for other favours like transfers etc.

9) Stop buying the most expensive or fancy cars for themselves from government funds
Why do they buy expensive cars from public funds when normal cars can suffice? What are they trying to prove?

10) Stop being so brazen about authority and power and money, houses and investments
Why do the top beurocrats have such expensive houses in the most expensive places? Why can't someone just do the math and figure out hat it does not seem to match?

I cannot think of more now but I'd love it if I can get some help on stuff like the towels. They cannot seem to give up on some perks like that.

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