Friday, July 18, 2014

Our Relationship With Money - Thoughts and Interviews Part II

While exploring the thought further I realised that one mistake we commonly do is that of connecting money flow to one source i.e. one could easily start thinking that if one had no pending order book position, money flow is pretty much dried up. That is not true.

Now, that is a dangerous thought because it is not really the space you want to be. All thinking becomes like this - why is it not happening, when will it happen, what is the logical flow etc. Money flow does not have an exact relation to the effort or to one source. It can come from anywhere and for any effort, not necessarily the hardest.

If there is one thing it honours, money does respect clarity. To be clear that one deserves money itself for merely being, is a reality that many are experiencing. So why clog up the pipeline with these restrictive thoughts.

Money can come from anyplace as long as one does not put restrictions and walls its flow off. Money respects clarity, openness, an element of mischief even. Certainly it respects one who respects it, who can show that he or she is capable of handling it, who can enjoy the opportunities it gives. In many ways, it deeply respects those who see the beauty in it and treat it with the care and admiration it deserves.   


Madhav said...

I think the mistake you are making is treating money like a living breathing entity. Money is an inanimate object. That's all there is to it. Its a number on a statement.

It does not have a mind of its own nor does it decide where to go.

You guys are over-thinking this.

Either you are contemplating this on such high level that I cannot even begin grasp.... or you are nuts.

Harimohan said...

Madhav, all possibilities exist. (That I am nuts is certainly one of the bigger possibilities!) To put it simplistically as a number and leave it is another. But money is more than that, else there would be no discomfort attached to discussing it.

There is a reason why money favors some and why it does not favor some. To say it is about being smarter, hardworking, talented etc does not hold and we all know that. This is what I am trying to explore.

All I am saying is that we have a relationship with all the things that exist in our lives. To say we do not have a relationship does not hold because if we do not, these things would not exist in our lives. Once we accept that they exist, and that there is some discomfort about it, it does make sense to explore our relationship with it. It might help me sort that bit out.

Madhav said...

Fair enough. So lets explore it then.

You said "To say we do not have a relationship does not hold because if we do not, these things would not exist in our lives." By that standard we have a "relationship" with a door knob too. It exists in our life...right.

What im trying to understand is why is a relationship with money any more than one with a door knob?

Im not being a smart ass here im truly trying to understand too.

Harimohan said...

Great example. To some a door knob can be just a door knob. It may not bother them and they move on with their lives.
But to some the same door knobs may mean many things - they could bring on fear, insecurity, inadequacy, love, affection, beauty - and then their reactions to door knobs may differ based on the quality of their relationship with it. To say we all have the same relationship with money, beauty, honesty, sex, love, door knobs may not be true (and we know it is not true). We look at each with different levels of comfort or discomfort. The more the discomfort, the more the need to explore and understand, make peace and accept.
On the other hand, those things we already have accepted - money, door knobs or beauty, as a given - will not be any source of bother or discomfort. It will be there in our lives just as the many things we take for granted, we accept in their true quality - in peace and in equilibrium.
Discomfort with any of these - money, love, beauty to cite some examples (and door knobs for that matter) is not only a factor of that aspect favoring one (as in money favoring some few). It is also about one's ability to enjoy it in its truest sense. To value it, love it and treat it with respect. I am making this distinction because one knows of many who have money and love but who cannot enjoy it for the simple reason that they feel undeserving of it.
But certainly a lack of money, love etc, coupled with a feeling of the lack, is cause for discomfort. And this discomfort stems from one's relationship with it. And hence, the need to explore the relationship.