Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oohalu Gusagusalade- Movie Review

That Srinivas Avasarala is a bright talent as an actor has been proved. He goes one step further and proves that he has the right stuff to be a director to watch out for with his debut directorial venture 'Oohalu Gusagusalade'. Starring himself, newcomers Naga Shourya and Rashi Khanna in this adaptation of a French play (a name that won't make too much sense anyway), Srinivas delivers a movie that is certainly worth the money spent on it.

Venky (NS) wants to become a news reader as his father had been. But his boss Uday Bhasker relegates him to tele shopping slots and keeps him faraway from  the news readers job. Deep down a resentful UB cannot understand why Venky is so popular with the girls while he is a miserable failure at impressing them despite reading many self-help books on the subject. Though he hates Venky's guts, he takes his advice in making a favorable impression on a girl whom he fancies for marriage. Venky gives him some easy tips. Impressed by the young man's easy approach to a woman's heart UB asks him about his love life, Venky relates his love story that happened five years ago in a flashback. It involves a girl he meets in Vizag - she comes on vacation from Delhi and he from Hyderabad - and they spend two months together and fall in love. However it ends rather abruptly and she leaves without a farewell.

Turns out she is the girl UB is after. Also turns out that UB hires the services of Venky to win her heart. He promises Venky the job of a news reader if he helps him. All hell breaks loose when Venky realises that UB's object of affection is Prabhavati, the girl from Vizag. After some funny situations where UB tries to win her heart through blue tooth technology, the two get together. Venky however promises to help UB impress another girl.

I loved the movie. It is easily among the funnier movies I have seen in the recent past. Some scenes and situations are brilliant and I could feel the same tingling anticipation as I did in an 'Angoor' or a 'Chupke Chupke' - Srini is that good with his writing. The scenes when Srini walks on are fantastic and you can see how an actor of his calibre can effortlessly lift a movie like this into some other place. Naga Shourya and Rashi Khanna bring an element of innocence and freshness. But to do full justice to this story, one felt that it needed actors who were as seasoned as Srini himself. It is unfair to compare the two youngsters with a huge talent like Srini's who pulls off some of the most complex scenes brilliantly, but the story did demand such timing and improvisation. It made me laugh a lot, feel the freshness and innocence of young love and I cannot but compliment the entire team for a very commendable effort. As for you Srini, take a bow lad. You've got what it takes and you will make some really fine movies in the future. Go for it.

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