Monday, July 14, 2014

2 Guns - Movie Review

Saw this action movie starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg called 2 Guns. It starts with two guys trying to be funny in a restaurant - some stuff about winking at waitresses etc which don't hold on these two old men. Anyway turns out they burn the restaurant because they want to rob the bank opposite it. They want to rob the bank because they want to nail a drug lord in Mexico called Papi.

Ok, before I go further this was based on a graphic novel.

They go after Papi because Denzel Washington is working with the DEA and they want to nail him. The other guy (the winker) is working with the Navy. Both steal approx 43 million from the bank. Turns out that Papi only gives a cut to a government agency which stashes it away. He's no as bad as the government really. The government agency does not like being looted. But they do not know who looted them so they go all the wrong places.

The DEA office has one good looking ex-girl friend of Denzel, who has a current boy friend. Net to net, babe and new boy friend, who is the Navy chaps boss try to steal the money using Navy dumb guy. Papi does an old Hindi film trick - he holds the girl and tells Denzel to get him the money in 24 hours. Denzel finds the money in a sentimental place. Too much.

All it had missing was a couple of songs, a vamp scene, some family drama and it would have been the perfect Hindi blockbuster. Did I like it? Its entertaining while its there but questions pop up. Why Mark Wahlberg and company steal for boss when he is such a smart kid who can wink at all waitresses? Why Denzel loves his girl friend so much? Why Papi is so easy to kidnap? And many other logical questions. But hey, movies are all about entertainment, entertainment and entertainment like some wise ass found out.

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