Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mascherano and the Save

In the groggy early morning hours I could see the visuals so wonderfully capturing the magnificent effort of Javier Mascherano of Argentina as he slid in desperately and held back a rampaging Robben who almost sealed it for Netherlands at the very end of the game. I knew that I had seen something special and the commentator drove it home saying that it is a save that could well have saved Argentina the match. He also said why Mascherano was so valued.

It was a defining moment and it had all of that written on it.

But it was in today's newspapers that I saw how big a moment it was. An entire column was devoted to that moment, that save. How Mascherano put everything into that moment, slid in desperately ' if it was the last thing he would ever do in his life.'

'Logically he was not the favorite to overtake Robben, a much faster player who was in front of him.' - says the report. 'It was the burst of acceleration - delving into the dregs of his energy reserves...that summed up his contribution as much as the pure tackle on which Argentina's World Cup fate hung.'

'I thought I'd slipped...I thought he'd get ahead of me..I thought of so many things...But I did get there and it wasn't a goal' said the man. Reading that wonderful piece by Amy Lawrence bought tears to the eyes.

It is a moment that could well inspire Argentina to believe it can do it. It is moments like this that make it worthwhile to watch the World Cup at ungodly hours.

'It summed up a flawless personal display...'

'Mascherano is a symbol, an emblem of our national team,' said Argentina's coach Sabella. 'He took this huge weight on his shoulders.'

To the Mascherano's of the world who can lift us all with their wonderful acts!

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