Saturday, April 26, 2014

Revanche - Movie Review

Sounds like revenge- the word I mean. And its a plot of vengeance so it must be. I have had this movie for a long time and mindlessly slipped it in and good credit to the movie that it held me till 1 pm at night. Enter the movie in a brothel where there is a prostitute and a keeper of prostitutes of sorts. These two fall in love which is not a good thing because the brothel owner will have his own plans. Anyway a few steamy scenes onwards, we realise the man or the guard of the prostitutes has made a plan to help the girl escape. He does and also comes up with an idea of robbing the local bank so they can live happily ever after.

Shift scene to a young cop who is not able to conceive a child and not been able to shoot straight in his shooting classes. (Some connection there.) Anyway, his wife keeps company to an old man who lives on a farm all by himself and drives him to church etc. She is a bored housewife.

Bank robbery is botched because young prostitute wants to go along to see the action. Unfortunately for her the young cop lands up and finds the whole thing very suspicious, her accent and all. Before long the robber arrives, points a gun at the officer and makes away, girl, cash and all, not knowing that the cop has bad shooting skills. The cop aims for the tyres and hits the girl's head. She dies.

The guard (he is a convict) escapes to his grandpa's house and is completely distraught at the death of the girl. The cop is psychologically shattered at the accidental death. Turns out that the old man is the convict's grandfather so we have the cop's nosy wife pottering around the house where the bank robber is. Anyway robber-guard now plans to kill the cop for vengeance. Wife of cop somehow gets impregnated by the convict-guard (she schemes it all) and in the end makes the connection. He is the bank robber. Her husband killed his girl. He wants vengeance. Anyway, her job of getting pregnant done she tells him to buzz off, keeps the secret of his identity safe. All's well and that ends well.

What's the payoff you may ask. Cop gets psyched out for killing the girl. Convict gets a child he fathers but he cannot claim and perhaps the satisfaction at having got his perverse revenge. Cops wife gets everything. Moral of the story. Don't sit in cars when your boyfriend goes to rob banks. But despite me, this movie is made well and I saw it frame by frame without losing any interest. 

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