Friday, April 25, 2014

IPL 7 - What Have They Reduced the Poor Umpires To?

I was extremely distressed to see what the IPL has reduced the umpires to. They have contraptions on their heads to record the hings going on around them, they are carrying heavy luggage like porters or sherpas, some bags of sorts over their shoulders, their clothes are fully plastered with logos and stuff and all they may be now asked to do is follow some cheerleading routine to spice up the game.

Umpires are respected figures, like judges. I cannot understand how anyone can command respect on the field when they look like a cock, with a camera for its crown through which the world is watching, carrying a bad like a jholawala out on a protest or even like someone out selling stuff. It's atrocious to see the extent the game is being compromised in the pursuit of money. Where will the cameras be next? In dressing rooms? A cross between Big Boss and IPL?

What matters more than these gimmicks of sexing up the game are real skill, real competition. Nothing in the commentary box inspires you because the content there is as bland as ever, as vacuous as ever (so what were you thinking? how were you feeling?). On the field there is even less on display save the comical figures that the umpires have been reduced to. The most interesting thing so far on IPL7 has been Priety Zinta who is her usual self, bubbly, effervescent and rooting for her team all the way.

By the way, isn't it funny how many teams are winding up or creating controversies? Sahara has wound up and its chief is in jail. The Kerala team (what was its name? Some Tuskers?) has wound up, cost a Minister his berth, and all kinds of stuff and nonsense after that. Deccan Chargers have wound up and its owners are in financial doldrums. Rajasthan Royals is there but only just. Its a wonder that CSK is still around despite all the controversies that mar its ownership and its role in the betting scandal. RCB chief was in trouble or at least Kingfisher was in the news for all the wrong reasons. Now that leaves KKR with a much sobered down Shahrukh, Delhi Daredevils with its invisible owners, Mumbai Indians and Punjab XI with Priety Zinta holding the flag.

Now, now, what's with the IPL and these owners and their stories.

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