Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hasee To Phasee - Movie Review

Wacthed this abysmal movie called Hasee to Phasee and wondered what was going on. Many people said it had good reviews and was fun and all that. I could make neither head or tail of it.

The movie starts with two young geniuses who know how to open doors from the inside. Their genius is recognised early by their fathers (who have prominent roles in the movie). It does happen that as with all people these two young geniuses also grow up but we don't know who they are because they have a horde of siblings. So boy goes to attend a marriage in Mumbai by sneaking out of the window (he must be the genius) where he finds a girl sneaking out from between a barbed wire fence (she must be the other genius). He helps her down from the wall and she considers it a good time to invite him to Goa. But he resists her asexual overtures and goes off with the new found knowledge that the two generate from their little genius minds - playing a game of cricket on two revolcving sides with flying fieldsmen (like in the game JK Rowling invented I think, Quiddtich was it?).

The boy is obviously unemployed and is constantly seeking to snare people into investing in his house, in his half assed commerical ventures. He has a fiance who does not seem to love him too much but still wants to marry him. It transpires that the girl who jumped the wall is the black sheep of the family. She lives in China and has got the Chinese government to invest a crazy amount of money in some project of hers (she makes crazy rubber balls). To fund the project she steals money meant for her sister's wedding. Obviously under stress from the Chinese she keeps popping pills which make her make funny faces and blink her eyes and speak like a robot, like Spock. She has some fine encyclopediac knowledge on many things (and has invented a small rubber ball with 10 crores which she keeps in her pocket).

Somethng about her blinking eyes and funny faces attract the other retard in the movie (in fact the whole cast appears to comprise of retards) and there is love breweing. Reason why the blinking girl has come back is to steal money from her father again. She is constantly in touch with some crying Chinese who appear as if they are under torture or are losing some family member shortly. Anyway she is not welcome for many reasons and even I would not welcome her in any social gathering of mine as she appears to be a fit case for the mental asylum. Why the others put up with her I did not understand except that they are also in need of psychiatric help.

Anyway it does happen that the boy gets an investor to invest 5 crores in his revolving cricket idea and also gets to marry the girl who has just got 10 crore as a loan from her father to pay of the Chinese. Why she does not give them her rubber ball we don't know, and why she does nothing with that ball is also something we don't know. Also better not know.

I found nothing entertaining. I do not understand their motives for doing anything, why they fall in love, why they get married, why they get engaged, why they get into businesses, why they raise loans. What's with these people? 

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