Monday, April 7, 2014

Before Midnight - Movie Review

Saw the last one in the 'Before..' trilogy. It went on familiar lines of long conversations between the two. Now a couple, Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) have twin daughters from their long and passionate encounter at the end of movie 2, 'Before Sunset'. The movie starts with Jesse seeing off his son from his first marriage, Hank, who is returning to his Mom in the US after spending his vacation with Jesse, Celine and the twins in Greece. Jesse feels that Hank needs him in his growing years and tries to plant the idea that perhaps they should all move to Chicago; an idea that Celine stoutly opposes. She also has plans of a career of her own.

After some discussions on topics of love and sex with their hosts and others, the couple go to a hotel room. One of their friends had booked the room as a gift. Their insecurities come forth in many ways while in the room. Was there something about the room that made them like that? There is a horrible love making scene that is probably the worst I have ever seen in a movie and finally what looks like an end to their relationship, ends up in some kind of a reconciliation.

What I cannot reconcile in this episode is that they still have so much to talk about. Typically by this time in a relationship one or both partners go quiet. The humour and romance certainly is predictable as in long relationships. Certainly the fights are too. If you ask me, this relationship is doomed unless the two live far apart for long periods of time. He in Chicago and she in Paris. They could meet once in a while to talk endlessly while walking or whatever when they meet once in 10 years.

I am filled with a sense of completion if nothing else. An idea worth exploring this series. But it does get tedious after a while to watch these two all the time talking and talking. Greece looks great.

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