Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ram Leela - Movie Review

The movie gets off to a colorful, gunfight and never lets off the pace. Two warring facions in a distant lawless district in Gujarat, Rajadias and Sannadas, or soemthing like that have been warring for 500 years. Now the feisty Ram of the Rajadias who believes in love and not war, falls in love with Leela of the other clan and marries her secretly after much kissing and innuendo and secret meetings. No one likes all this and the two are torn away from each other from a lodge in which they hide on day 1 of honeymoon.

By some quirk of fate both Ram and Leela become heads of their clans. They die. The clans unite. Movie over.

You know, that's about all that comes to mind. Its all grand, costumes, scenes, settings, but it never comes alive. Not the intense and charged love, not the drama, not the violence. The songs are good and fast and come often, the two Ranvir and Deepika, look good, everyone does their job well. Movie over. Wonder what was missing though. It looked like it has everything but something is not quite right.


Rajendra said...

It's all Maya, as they say. Or leela, in this case.

Harimohan said...

Sanjay's Leela in this case. You know what I think is missing is the element of love that the two are supposed to feel for one another. Something not complete there.