Monday, April 28, 2014

Frozen - Movie Review

Promised to watch this movie with Anjali and so we did. Brilliant animation. Young princesses, Elsa and Anna, are destined to live in seclusion because Elsa has this power of turning everything into ice, a power that she can also use for good things if she can get over her fear. The two princesses grow up in seclusion from each other, with Elsa's secret remaining with her. The parents die and when Elsa is to be coronated the Queen of Arundelle, the doors of the palace are thrown open. The two princesses see the world for the first time - Anna loves it, Elsa fears it. But Anna falls in love with Hans, a Prince from a neighbouring country. Elsa, now the Queen, does not permit their engagement. In the melee, Elsa's protective gloves come off and her power causes things to freeze over.

Elsa is hounded out of the palace by the people as they see her powers as magical and she retreats deep into the North. Anna chases her to undo the damage she has done. She leaves Hans in charge of Arundelle. On the way she meets Olaf the snowman and Kristoff, an ordinary ice-seller. Together they try to save Elsa and their kingdom from Hans who turns traitor. But can Anna survive her icy heart? Will she find the act of true love that can cure her? Hang on and watch this slippery, slidy show that dazzles. Nice!

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