Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Koni Adventures - Some Unexplored Sights Near Shamshabad

As always Koni discovered some new places of interest and took us to visit these places. At Shamshabad as one turns into the town, the road leads to some rice research institutes and an engineering college.

On the way, we see a temple, 300 year old, he says, fully functional. It is a fine old, piece of work and exudes an old world charm.

Probably a dried-up water body with steps all around
There is something like an amphitheatre, probably a water body that dried up, with steps all around it.
Large spaces, trees and a relaxed atmosphere make it an ideal stop. We saw a group of youngsters playing cricket, a middle aged bunch of ladies and gentlemen playing some old games, running along gaily and the atmosphere was one of relaxed enjoyment, not stained with heavy commercialism and focus on 'somehow' getting a 'special darshan'. For some reason we did not go into the temple but I will one of these days.

Further along the way, well hidden by trees and full grown bushes, is an old unmarked tomb of exquisite workmanship, certainly 300-400 years old.

Abandoned tomb
This tomb (and another half done one)  are lying unknown, unmarked and abandoned as are many small temples of those times.

Its small, but I am sure it has some meaning, some history. Surprising that it is left to fend for itself.
Half-done tomb next to it, exquisite work on the main door

On the return we saw an old dargah on a hill top and the old building of a nawab of the erstwhile era from which we saw great views of Himayatsagar and the airport.

It is a fine building too but obviously there are many claimants who are fighting over the property as one can see by their names and the way its been divided.
Old building on hilltop near dargah

Another day well spent. Thanks to Koni and his spirit of adventure that keeps expanding our horizons.

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