Friday, August 30, 2013

Story idea - Cancer Ward

Hook: How a bunch of terminally ill guys decide to take one last shot at redemption.
A couple

Story: Six guys in a cancer ward for terminally ill get talking. They all know they have not more than a month to live. While talking at night they think of the one big regret they had all their lives. If there was one way to set it right how would they do it? As they share their stories the six come up with different plans, different attitudes, to their last hurrah. In that one act lies their journey to leave peacefully - so they have to choose that act well.

I can get in a couple of others to add some masala and provide the action as well. Okay, okay story I feel but should not be too boring to watch. Certainly six different stories so I can get drama, humor, emotion and even action in. Hmmm.

Story variant:
The six guys decide to throw all goodness out of the window and just indulge in what they want to. No good no bad, no social sanction anymore. So fill in the day with enough stuff that breaks all social rules but gives you a high. Cuts out all the hypocricy in the world.

Got inspired by another idea but that's another line. Another day then.

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