Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Story Idea - The Supporter

Chap spends all his life passionately supporting people and teams and whatever he is part of. Will he get support back in return when he has to finally turn into the leader?

Pic courtesy: Prarthana Nargundkar

An earnest chap learns early in life that to support others is a great thing. He puts it into practice and fully supports everyone and everything, with all his might. He turns out to be the unseen bond behind every success story, something not many can recognise. Of course as his fame grows as the one to count on for support his issues with supporting certain causes also comes up and adds to his growth.  He does believe that everyone needs support. But the crux is this - when the moment comes for him to step out of the sidelines and be the leader, will he be able to adjust to his new role? Will he get support from all those whom he helped?

Guaranteed to be a tear jerker and throat choker in the end with supporters flowing in after a seeming loss. Ah, what you give out, you get back. Lovely heartwarming story. I will write this too.

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