Monday, August 26, 2013

Story Idea - The Secret Weapon

Chap has a wonderful talent to charm people but he feels guilty about using his charm to get the woman he loves because he feel he has an unfair advantage.
Pic courtesy: Prarthana Nargundkar

Chap has the gift of charming people off their feet, specially the fairer sex. But he has never really found the love of his life. After many many dalliances he finally finds the one he has been yearning for. She shows signs of liking him too and is balanced on the verge of falling desperately in love with him.

But he does not know if she is in love with him or the charm he oozes. Is it me, he asks, or is it my charm - which wears off after sometime in any relationship. He is torn between using his charm which will easily fetch him his love, and not using it because he will never know if she fell for him because of his charm. Can I use my secret weapon against which she has no defence? What are the repercussions? Much drama is forecast in this tale of human dilemma at its highest. I love the angles and the promise of it. Another one that will go down in my things to write.

I can see the end too in this. A nice touch.


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Full of drama as I can see Raja.