Monday, August 19, 2013

Story Idea - The Laughing Man

Man in search of happiness and the travails he undergoes to find it.

Pic courtesy: Prarthana Nargundkar
Young man in a frustrated state decides that he needs to find a purpose in his life. He eliminates all other purposes and zeroes down on finding happiness.

Probing further he decides to follow laughter - which he thinks is a natural ally of happiness. He quickly realises that as he follows laughter, many dynamics in his life are changing. People, circumstances and his own attitude to life. But he is persistent even in the face of some not-so-funny circumstances and finds his goal.

But will he laugh even the most important thing in his life away - his love? Read on to find out!

I'd treat this story lightly where the protagonist is serious only about one thing - pursuit of laughter (happiness). Which means he has to exclude all else where he does not feel the need to laugh.

I think there is much one can do with this story in terms of adding situations and twists and ironies and turns. I like it and I will certainly work on this.

Who knows - I could find happiness myself!

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Rajendra said...

I am trying this out..ha, ha, ha..promising!