Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thought for the Day - Seize Control In Your Mind

There are two ways to react to a situation. One as the victim - the helpless one. The other as the one who has a choice - who can exercise some control over the situation.
Pic courtesy. Anjali

The first way is one where you will always be at a disadvantage, at somebody else's mercy. They will decide and you will follow. It is a sure way of feeling unhappy, taken granted for and feeling unfulfilled.

The second line of thought is recommended - to think as if you are in control. Whatever your position, think from that angle and you will have an advantage. You will find that most times your initiative has paid off. You are happier and even if your thoughts are vetoed, you have spoken your mind.

It is all about seizing control in your mind. Don't give up there and wait. Take control. It's your route to happiness.

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