Thursday, August 22, 2013

Anjali - The Art of Handling Money

Two instances in the recent past got me thinking about the art of handling money. My concept of money as opposed to an almost-six year olds.

Contribute - However Small
In the first instance Anjali she decided to give a handsome contribution of Rs. Seven to her aunt on her wedding anniversary. This was Anjali's money of course, that she saved up, but she decided to give what she could to her aunt. 'She told me she has no money,' she said as she packed in the money in a hand made card for her aunt. As simple as that. Someone needs something and I will contribute my bit.

I remember this same quality being exhibited by my my - she would always think of what she could do and what was necessary in any moment of crises and help quietly. When someone got married, lost a dear one, had an operation, excelled at something - she quietly gave a contribution - small or big, but perfectly appropriate, unasked. Its a wonderful quality and one I would like to imbibe. By myself I feel too much reluctance to part with whatever little I have. Perhaps, if the philosophers of prosperity are to be believed, it is that very attitude that stops the energy of money from flowing.

Don't Think So Much - If You Have to Buy It, Go Ahead
In instance number two, I went to a shoe store with Shobhs and Anjali. They bought some footwear. Anjali was as usual trying out stuff, strutting about and generally being very excited with the whole process, infusing energy into an otherwise soporific store.  I was quietly checking out some shoes, thinking how I would come back and buy later. Anjali spotted me at the job, came over and urged me - Buy nanna, what is there? Don't worry about the money. Just buy.

Somehow children sense that reluctance faster and spell it out for us. We probably rationalise it. And postpone it.

Ah, all that I learned in that Prosperity Workshop I did many years ago came flashing by to me. It is a consciousness thing I am aware and I can only deal with it with greater awareness.

Reminded me of a program that a Telugu channel did on the occasion of Diwali. In a crowded market, the anchor walked by, asking the traders what they would ask Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, if she appeared before them and granted them a boon. Without exception all the adult businessmen became highly uncomfortable and after much coaxing the highest amount any one asked was for Rs. 50000. Of course some wanted nothing except her blessings! The anchor was as shocked as I was - here was the Goddess of Wealth granting you a boon and you ask for Rs. 50000. Even for a joke!! And then she asked a six year old kid and she spread her arms wide open and said with great feeling 'I will ask for sooooooo much money!' That opened my eyes a bit.

But it's nice to see a child's consciousness, get inspired, and be reminded of the journey ahead.

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