Friday, August 16, 2013

Smurfs 2 - Movie Review

I love the Smurfs. Ever since I read King Smurf, a copy of which I am still seeking and which I will one day acquire, I have been in love with the Smurfs. But I like the comic book better than the movie for obvious reasons. But still, I will not let go a chance to see the Smurfs in action in delightful 3D stuff. So promises were made to Anjali and honoured and we landed up at Inox, Banjara Hills.

Gargomel has created a Smurfette and sent her to steal the Smurf magic formula. But Smurfette is a changed little girl and she becomes a full Smurf, living happily in Smurf land. Now Gargomel wants to send two more Naughties, a smart young girl Vexy and a dull little boy Hackus,  to get the betrayer Smurfette back so he can get his formula (and through it the Smurf Essence that is so necessary to increase his power). Gargomel is already a celebrity. Anyway the two Naughties capture Smurfette and bring her back to human land. The Smurfs have to rescue her. They come to their human friends, the Winslops, now with a son and a grandfather in this story. At the other end there is much sentiment flowing about family between Naughties and Smurfette. Finally Gargomel's evil designs are foiled. Smurfette returns with the two new Smurfs to Smurf land.

Now a Smurfette in Smurf land is like a woman in an Irani cafe. What is she doing there? She ought not to be there. Upsets the equations and what not. But she is and not just she, she gets her sister as well. I fear now for Smurf land.

It's a common sight in children's movies in theatres these days to see fathers and young daughters, fathers and young sons, bonding over these movies. Mostly I find one parent comes - the father - and I find it nice. All the kids, Anjali included laughed uproariously when Gargomel takes off like a rocket in the last scene and the laughter continued for a long long time. For that one moment of unadulterated joy, the movie was worth it.

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