Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our Big Problem - We Condone Easily

I agree with Ramaraju on this. While walking and discussing the other day as we normally do over weekends, Ram pointed out how we take our hypocricy to a new level. On one hand we all condemn and crib about all that is wrong and on the other hand we condone the same criminals and hobnob with them in our personal capacities. It is not about forgiving a crime - it is about giving social sanction to it and saying that this is okay. Fine by me. Hypocrite!

Pic. Prarthana Nargundkar
Once there is social sanction, whether it is by being seen in public functions, Page 3 parties, sports events, daises with important VIPs, the wrong doers are automatically elevated above normal. Not only is someone who ought to be in jail suddenly on par, he becomes above par. No wonder people try so hard to get some vague post and give themselves some credibility. After a while they start giving themselves titles, get into bigger circles and finally become our law makers. And then we not only condone, we fall at their feet. With the slightest amount of credibility or name, people will overlook everything and team up openly. Look at all the unholy alliances that are around - where silence reigns from all the big guns. Sitting as the Kaurava elders did in Mahabharatha when Drapadi was being disrobed.

The art of saying it like it is where it is deserved has gone. In the Mahabharatha one Kaurava prince Vikarna goes against his brothers and roundly denounces their atrocities against Draupadi. Such voices are gone. All we have is our hypocritical selves clapping at the Emperor's new clothes. Is anyone complaining now why we are where we are?

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Madhav said...

Not only do we condone wrong doing, we are all very willing co-conspirators in it.