Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Paradoxes of Our Lives - To Get More, Appreciate The Little That You Get

It is in appreciating the little things that we get, that we show our gratefulness to the world. The food we have the water, the air, the love, the security, the beauty, the talents, the health, the family - we take all these for granted. And then we are unhappy that we don't have more.

I love the way some people get on with their lives. The unhurried manner in which they speak, walk, talk, it all indicates the pleasure they are experiencing out of every moment of life. It is not about wanting anything, it is the sheer richness of life they are experiencing that makes one smile. The small gift, the wee smile, the little fruit, everything is wonderful to them.

Bliss is in experiencing the world in the small things we have. The depth of the moment. That's more than one can ask for.

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