Thursday, January 3, 2013

10 Things I Would Like to Do More Of This Year

This is not as simple as it looks. But let me try it.
Some place outside Pune

1) Smile - Should not be too difficult I guess. The idea is to meet everyone with a smile, even strangers. And specially people whom I tend to look through like waiters, valets, shop assistants. Hopefully leave them with a smile too.

2) Not Crib - This one thing should save me a lot of time. I will now have a lot of time to be more creative and productive. But I guess I will sorely miss this cribbing activity which puts the blame on everyone else. Time to grow up I guess.

3) Share - If nothing else in terms of ideas, blogs. I also want to do some lectures in schools and colleges and share in such fora.

4) Say yes - Taking life as it comes and saying yes to it without being too suspicious. I guess I have been wary of life springing little surprises on me and have treated it more like a prankster rather than as someone who is giving me newer opportunities. Might help to trust it a bit more.

5) Work - In terms of more focussed and prioritised work. I am certain now that my time has to be better utilised and that all of it will now go to activities that shall please me or grow me. I will choose now and get my work done first - which will mean that I will get some serious work done this year.

6) Listen - Should help get work done more easily. I do think I tend to butt in a  lot more and also force my viewpoint sometimes. Would like to do more interviews. Meet more new people. Say one a week would be good.

7) Feel - Be more in touch with my feelings and not ignore or suppress them. This will need a little bit of sensitising myself to my own feelings which I suspect have now gone numb over the many years of being suppressed. Ah, to free them and see them at the outer tip of my skin. I will be fully aware, free finally.

8) Care - Perhaps look at the other end of the spectrum that I always seem to totally trash and stick to what I think is the right point  of view.

9) Learn - New things certainly. The key is to act. To put myself out of my comfort zone and jump into the deep end. Oh, and there are tonnes of stuff that I can learn and stuff I have been meaning to learn.

10) Express - In terms of being more spontaneous, more courageous, more open in all spheres of my life. Write more, sing more, laugh more.

Seems like a lot. Maybe I shall reduce it to 3 things - grow, smile and express. That should cover all.

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Rajendra said...

Good list for the next twenty-years.