Thursday, January 24, 2013

1 Day Workshop at Gap Miners

A 1-day workshop on 'The Champion's Mindset' for the newcomers at Gap Miners a couple of days ago. I ran them through the course material of what a champion is, what a champion needs to work on, what a champion works for, how he goes about planning it, how he prepares and how he sustains it. It was heavy duty stuff as it requires one to take a close look at one's own pluses and gaps, and one that needs a certain amount of concentration. Some coped better than the others. However, as I always feel, though the workshop does shake you up a bit, it also opens up certain thought processes which can be explored when the participant is ready. Some take it right away, some after a week and perhaps some after years. The articulation and visualization of their dreams, the acknowledgement of their strengths, the way forward, all make for stuff that can come in use later.

But I could see one serious gap which they all took for granted - one which I should have them explore a bit more. The gap between their current state of affairs and their desired goal was something they brushed past without understanding the importance of that gap. A simple example could be this - I want to play professional golf - but I have never ever been to a golf course yet and am showing no sign of going there as well. Or I want to direct films but I have not made a short film yet or even simpler, have not written a script or a story idea yet. Or I want to start a business but have no desire to understand how the business is being run in this office. It is this step where one has to start acting upon to get anywhere o the path of their dream.

It opens up an interesting course of action for me in the next few sessions. Really interesting.   

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