Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gangs of Wasseypur II - Movie review

The saga of murder and revenge in Wasseypur continues. After the murder of Sardar Khan in the first edition of GOW, we have his two sons Danish and Faizal left to handle the fishy business (they actually become fish pond owners in a move towards becoming respectable). Danish takes over (he is impressive the boy who acted the part) and does well for the short while he is allowed to before Sultan (who else) kills him off. Faizal, the drug addicted second son takes over thanks to his mother's inspirational talk and he goes about killing off all the chaps involved in the killing of his brother and then his father.

All except the main guy, Sultan. Now why would you leave that guy out? Anyway Sultan almost bumps off Faizal (a sho which is shown at the beginning of GOW I) too, but does not succeed. He, keeps himself busy bumping off the other members of Faizal's family - the daughter in law, the mother, the aunt, the younger brother and so on. What was most interesting about this movie to me were the names given to the younger Khans - Perpendicular and Definite. In fact no one knows what Definite Khan's real name is. Perpendicular has a friend called Tangent. It's amazing. Most likely true if you ask me. But I am not joking - those are the names of those poor, mad boys.

Anyway Definite is the upcoming Khan, more so since the short wearing, cinema crazy, blade chewing Perpendicular is bumped off. Definite is the son of the other woman, the Bengali, and is crazy enough to carry on the good work of the earlier Khans. Faizal, somehow, by the end of the movie, after about a million joints inhaled by then, decides to pop off Ramadheer Singh and he does that in fine fashion. After that he is bumped off too by you-know-who. All's well and that ends well.

I was checking the film reviews and there is a lot of praise. Frankly I got bored to death. The actors were great, the characters were good, the story telling was fine and all that but its just so pointless and so, for me, a waste of time. When I ask myself why it is that these movies have failed to touch me, it is because of the lead characters. They do not seem to have any great character about them - save Sardar Khan's first wife who has some dum, some personality. All others are flawed and listless characters and do not rise above the mire they are in. The first son Danish had some promise but he was cut short. I liked the love story between Faizal and his wife. Nice.  I also loved the use of the film songs, the film posters, to tell us how quickly we have aged without realising while the kids in the movie have grown up, killed and have got killed. I think you'd like it if you are a film critic or if you like blood gore and gangster films. I am neither a critic nor do I have a stomach for all this any more. I will now head towards the romances and the comedies section.

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