Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year, A New beginning

Another New Year comes along. But this one feels different. It feels more purposeful, more heavy. It's a delicious feeling, as if there's a gift awaiting me that I have to unwrap. Starting tomorrow!

A Happy New Year To All - Pic. Satish Nargundkar
And there is much to be thankful for as I sit here and type. My life, my health, my work, my talents, my gifts, my home, my family, my friends, my hopes, my opportunities - ah there are just too many things to be grateful for and I can feel a fullness rising within. Flowers, green grass, tree shades, warm sunshine, a smile on Anjali's face, the blue sky, cool water, a sudden breeze, a friendly touch...and so much more. I cannot wait to get up and see this new world waiting outside for me.

For starters I will walk along tomorrow early morning, and catch the rising sun, the blue skies. A long, deep breath and then I am on my way. Because this year there is much to do and I cannot wait to get going on it.

For all those who read this blog I wish you all a year that gives you much satisfaction, a year that gives you the wisdom to make the choices you wish, a year that gives you plentiful work that you love and cannot wait to get going every day, a year of great health and a year where you find yourself smiling and laughing much more. I wish you all the courage to go after your dreams, the clarity to see those dreams, the strength to work for those, the resilience to face up to challenges and the readiness to accept all the good you wish for and deserve.

May 2013 be the year when you choose empowerment, when you recognize your power and use it for right purposes. May it also be the year that gives you a capability to give and to receive tonnes of love.

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